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Kenneth Levey, CEO

Ken is the CEO of Ferndale Road, LLC. Ken is a physician and long-time entrepreneur. Starting Ferndale Road was a natural growth of his experience in medical practice back office operations and his experience in designing those systems for his own medical practice. Systems designed by Ferndale Road are electronic replicas of the paper and person systems used in many offices except a lot more efficient and cost effective. Ken has a master’s degree in public health in administrative medicine and has completed the Harvard Business School’s Certificate of Readiness.

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Why did a busy doctor start a software company?

[qodef_blockquote text=”Because I want to keep being a busy doctor. In order to run my business I needed software solutions.” title_tag=”h4″ width=”100″]

Those solutions came in two categories:

1). The product was wrong for the way a healthcare business is run.
2). The software was too expensive



I started Ferndale Road to create solutions that would give my colleagues products they could actually use instead of having some tech company tell them how to adapt to that company’s product. I also want my colleagues to be profitable.

So, I priced all the products out there with similar features and under cut all of them by 30-40%.

Ferndale Road’s goal is to give doctor’s the ability to take back their income from over priced consultants and tech companies.

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Talk to us about your practice, and one of our representatives can tell you more about us.